In accordance with article L.330-1 of the French code of relations between the public and the administration, the Chair and CEO of IRD has named a person in charge of access to administrative documents and issues relating to the reuse of public information (PRADA).

The PRADA receives requests for access to administrative documents held by IRD, requests for reuse of public information held by the Institute, as well as possible complaints and any other request falling within the scope of its missions.

The PRADA is responsible for examining these requests in coordination with and with the support of the competent IRD departments.

You can send your request to IRD's PRADA, by post or email, at the following address :


Directrice des affaires juridiques adjointe – PRADA
Direction des affaires juridiques de l’IRD
Le Sextant CS 90 009
44 bd de Dunkerque
F-13572 Marseille Cedex 02


Your request must include

  • The contact details of the person making the request: first and last names, address, email and telephone number,
  • The subject of the request,
  • The name of the relevant IRD department,
  • Any other information that is relevant to your request.

You can also contact the relevant IRD department directly by consulting IRD Lab.

Every request is handled in accordance with all current legal and regulatory requirements. If the Institute refuses or does not respond to your request, you may refer the matter to the French Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (Commission d’accès aux documents administratifs – CADA), via a referral form under the conditions provided for in articles R.343-1 to R.343-5 of the French code of relations between the public and the administration.