Updated 15/09/20

This bilingual exhibition for the general public aims to provide an overview of what is known about anthropogenic fine particulate matter air pollution, and to present the health and environmental issues for both Vietnam and Thailand, and SEA as a whole.

For several years, Vietnam and Thailand have been experiencing severe episodes of fine particulate matter air pollution, with concentrations in the atmosphere far exceeding the health recommendations of the World Health Organization. The increase in frequency and intensity of these air pollution episodes in major Asian metropolises as well as on a regional scale is accompanied by an increase in awareness of the populations (especially urban populations) and local decision-makers on the magnitude of the problem.

Moreover, given the increase in emissions of these fine particles expected for the coming decades, especially in SEA, it is crucial to raise awareness and provide the concerned public and decision-makers with the necessary information for the implementation of prevention and mitigation policies.

Black Carbon English / Vietnamese

Black Carbon English / Thai


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  • Available in French / Vietnamese, English / Vietnamese and English / Thai.