From September 20-23, 2022, IRD organized a Policy Brief Training Workshop in Mombasa, Kenya for 15 IRD partner researchers.

IRD Training Workshop - Policy Brief

© IRD - Dominique Vinckenbosch

Objectives of the Training Workshop

This workshop was set up to provide training in policy brief drafting and related skills.

Prior to this Policy Brief training workshop, participants were asked to complete the first course of the MOOC series "Knowledge transfer: fostering research-based practices and policies".

At the end of the training workshop, participants were able to:

  • understand the interest and the stakes of the Policy Brief
  • present their research topic in a synthetic and concise manner
  • know the rules of authorship/signature of scientific publications and policy briefs
  • write a policy brief adapted to their target audience
  • apply best practices for writing a policy brief
  • reach a lay audience
  • disseminate the results of their research

IRD Training Workshop - Policy Brief

© IRD - Dominique Vinckenbosch

Team and programme

The lead trainer is Valéry Ridde (IRD researcher in public health and in knowledge transfer at the Ceped lab, and assigned to ISED/UCAD in Dakar, Senegal) in collaboration with Esthere Garnier (IRD project manager at the Capacity Building division, based in Marseille, France).

  • Tuesday September 20: getting to know each other, refresher course 1 MOOC Knowledge Transfer and link with the policy brief, policy briefs analysis
  • Wednesday September 21: target audience, scientific pitch, practical exercises to draft a policy brief, policy brief planification
  • Thursday September 22: draft and submission of the policy brief, critical peer-review analysis session and evaluation, authorship, predatory journals, training workshop feedback

IRD Training Workshop - Policy Brief

© IRD - Dominique Vinckenbosch


The participants were selected with the support of the IRD representation in Kenya and researchers in the area, according to the needs of IRD's strategic partners of the South in the area. The participants are from the following countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. The parity was respected with 8 women and 7 men attending the workshop.

Listen to some of them giving a feedback on the workshop in this video, and discover all the participants in the list below.
© Video by Esthere Garnier, Capacity Building division at IRD


IRD Training Workshop - Policy Brief

© IRD - Dominique Vinckenbosch

The Capacity Building division at IRD

Consolidating capabilities is a key part of all IRD missions. The aim is to consolidate a fair scientific partnership with countries in the South by training students, researchers and lecturer-researchers, technicians and engineers, and thus jointly produce excellent science devoted to sustainable development and increase the visibility of the scientific communities in the South.

These workshops allow both a sharing of expertise but also a strong interdisciplinarity that strengthens the links between different scientific fields and research networks.

Cross-cutting training workshops

These workshops intended for groups of about 15 people meet a training need expressed by IRD's partners in the South.

Beyond the primary objective of skills learning and transfer, these workshops embody moments of encounters and exchanges between people from different human, scientific and institutional cultures. In addition, the training workshops strengthen institutional relationships, as they are co-supported by partner institutions.

The training courses offered by the Capacity Building division are oriented towards cross-cutting skills, not directly towards data collection and analysis. They enable partners in the South to better position themselves in a context of international competition.