The “Jeunes Equipes Associées à l’IRD” (JEAI) Program is one of the main scientific cooperation schemes of the IRD with Developing Countries. Its capacity-building component is a fundamental dimension, making it particularly performant in contexts where Higher Education and Research are often under-resourced and poorly structured (Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in particular). In the coming years, the IRD plans to maintain, or increase, the number of JEAI supported.

The « Jeunes Équipes Associées à l’IRD » (JEAI) Program is designed to promote and strengthen new research teams in the Developing countries through partnership with IRD research units or units associated to the Institute.
It aims at enabling a group of researchers to form a team, via the completion of a research project and training through research.
The completion of the project, in close cooperation with the IRD research unit, should act as a catalyst for the supported team to become an authority in their field, facilitating their integration into national and international scientific networks.
The leader of a JEAI is a full-time researcher with a research institution from a country in the global South. He/she is the initiator of the application. Subsequently, should the application be successful, he/she will become the IRD's contact point for the setting up and monitoring of the JEAI.
The JEAI's correspondent is a researcher posted to one of the IRD's research units or in an associated unit.
Incomplete and late applications will not be accepted
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