Updated 10/03/22

Desertification is a result of land degradation, mainly caused by human activity, in dry areas of the planet. Climate change amplifies the negative effects of these activities on soils and vegetation.

Desertification is not just an environmental issue, but also an issue for sustainable development. It is a major obstacle for efforts to increase the standard of living in countries in the Global South.

For scientists, observing and understanding desertification is essential. In conjunction with other interested parties (farmers, civil society organisations, etc.), scientists are conducting research to create solutions to slow down land degradation and rehabilitate degraded lands.

In 23 panels and photos, this exhibition illustrates the essential role of scientific research in the fight against desertification.

This exhibition has been created in partnership with the French scientific committee on desertification.


The exhibition can be accompanied by films



Contact : exposition@ird.fr


Technical description of the panels

  • Format: 23 panels 85 x 200 cm
  • Available in french, english and spanish