A randomised controlled trial on micronutrient deficiencies and anaemia in women of childbearing age has started in Ban Nayang village.

After registration (photo registration), participants are measured and weighed (photo anthropometry), then a blood sample is taken (photo Team Dr Vatanaphone 1). They are then given a stool container, anthelmintic treatment and randomly distributed bars with or without micronutrient and vitamin supplements (photos distribution).

The aim of this second phase of the Nutrilao project is to determine iron, vitamin A and zinc status and to measure the impact of a fortified diet on these parameters.

This study is made possible thanks to the IMMANA* project research team (photo Immana Team) and the medical team of Dr Vatanaphone Latthaphasavang (photo Team Dr Vatanaphone 2,3,4).

The study will involve 300 women from the villages of Ban Nayang, Ban Na-ngeun, Ban Boong-phao and Ban Hadxai (Vientiane province).

This project is supported by the Fonds d'Innovation pour le Développement (FID).

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