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International Join Laboratory SELAMAT on marine biodiversity and community resilience in Indonesia.

12/05/22 - 13/05/22

IRD contributed to the French-Indonesia bilateral meeting on Building Indonesian maritime resilience

Building Indonesian maritime resilience concepts in the coastal community and the outer-most islands is the title of a high-level French-Indonesian bilateral meeting co-headed by the French Embassy in Indonesia and the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment of Indonesia that was...



Fighting Dengue: Challenges and Recent Advances in Indonesia

The French Institute of Indonesia (IFI Jakarta) brought together specialists in vector-borne diseases on February 3 for a webinar entitled "Dengue fever in Indonesia: the challenges to be met".

Plastic Debris pollution plastique


Plastic marine debris in the nets of IRD, AFD and partners in Indonesia, and presentation of GDRI-South PASSPORT-2C

Plastic debris accumulated at sea represent a growing concern because of their potential impact on marine and coastal ecosystems. Where are such wastes concentrated? Which areas are most affected by the accumulation of macroplastics? What are the impacts of this pollution and related additives that...

Study of diseases transmitted between bats and humans in South Africa


The third phase of the PREZODE workshops will take place on November 23

On Tuesday November 23, the third phase of PREZODE workshops in East, Southeast and Pacific Asia will take place. These workshops will focus on PREZODE's activities and priority areas as well as potential barriers to change.

Invasion of coral reefs by COTS


Remote training workshop: Monitoring and managing COTS outbreaks on the coral reefs of Southeast Sulawesi, Kendari

Among the broad range of large-scale disturbances that affect Indo-Pacific coral reefs, the coral-eating starfish Acanthaster planci (“crown-of-thorns”, referred to as COTs) is a major cause of coral reef destruction, whose impact is quantitatively comparable to cyclones. Monitoring and managing...

Ministre Annick Girardin Lampung, Sud Sumatra, Indonesie

06/06/21 - 11/06/21

Official visit in Indonesia of Annick Girardin, French Minister of Sea

Mrs. Annick Girardin, Minister of Sea, visited Indonesia from June 6 to 11, 2021.

Road-related deforestation in West Papua


PREZODE Regional Workshop with Asian partners

The PREZODE “ PREventing ZOonotic Disease Emergence” initiative, launched by France with the support of EU, aims to prevent emerging pandemic risks from animals while ensuring food security and livelihood for the poorest communities, and strengthening cooperation within and between several regions...

Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2021

22/03/21 - 24/03/21

Urgently tackling environmental issues: a series of events to address policy-makers in South-East Asia

From March 22 to 24, IRD researchers will be speaking at several side events held alongside the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2021 (APFSD) to urge decision-makers in Southeast Asia to tackle without delay the environmental problems that threaten our future and that of our children.

Crevette d'eau douce d'élevage en Indonésie


Rena Tri Hernawati received the Tony Whitten Conservation Award in 2020

Rena Tri Hernawati is among the five scholars who received the Tony Whitten Conservation Award in 2020 on 21st December 2020. This year’s awards, worth £2000 each, have been made to five conservationists and field biologists from East and South-east Asia, all of whom are under 35 years old and doing...

Illustration de la Conférence Composing worlds with elephants


An Online Academic Conference Exploring the Human-Elephant Relationship

From 13th to 15th of December, IRD is co-organising the online academic conference "Composing Worlds with Elephants". This conference corrals together 24 scholars who are researching communities and environments at the interface of the human-elephant relationship in Asia and beyond.

Diversity of fishes Rasborinae


Virtual International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation in Eastern Indonesia

The Pattimura University of Ambon is organizing a one-day international webinar dedicated to the exploration and conservation of mega-biodiversity in Eastern Indonesia.

Massif karstique de Lengguru

09/11/20 - 16/11/20

Science Festival 2020, webinar on Lengguru expeditions (biodiversity of the karsts of West Papua)

IRD is contributing to this festival through a projection-debate on expeditions dedicated to the biodiversity of the karsts of West Papua.

Pêcheur en Asie du Sud-Est


Second Maluku International Conference on Marine Science and Technology, Ambon

On October 31st 2020, the University of Pattimura in Ambon (Maluku) held its Second Maluku International Conference on Marine Science and Technology (MICMST2). The theme of this second conference was "Adapting to a changing world: Challenges and solutions for small islands".

Plastic Debris pollution plastique


Webinar on the marine plastic pollution, EU Climate Diplomacy Week

As part of the European Union Climate Diplomacy Week, held from October 24 to November 6, 2020, IRD coordinated and hosted a 2-hour webinar on marine plastic pollution.

Mechanical Imaging of a Volcano Plumbing System From GNSS Unsupervised Modeling


Mechanical Imaging of a Volcano Plumbing System From GNSS Unsupervised Modeling

IPGP researchers and their international colleagues have developed a new operational method for monitoring volcanoes: using GPS measurements to track in real-time the internal structures stressed by the overpressure of the magma during its migration to the surface. This technique, called "mechanical...

Pollution plastique en Indonésie

18/09/20 - 08/10/20

European Sustainable Development Weeks: Indonesia calls on European expertise in space to optimize marine waste collection

Indonesia is among the biggest contributors to marine plastic pollution. In response to this emergency, the Indonesian government is engaging a range of actions to tackle a scourge that has disastrous consequences for the environment, public health and the economy. Its national marine pollution plan...

Les calamars chassent ou se reproduisent la nuit.


International virtual Symposium on Coastal and Marine Biodiversity (ISCOMBIO 2020)

L'Indonésie est l'une des plus grandes nations maritimes du monde. Cet État archipélagique occupe une position et un rôle uniques et stratégiques dans la socio-économie et les sciences mondiales. D'ici 2030, ce pays émergent devrait devenir l'une des premières puissances économiques mondiales.

e-Conference Timo-Leste

07/09/20 - 11/09/20

International e-Conference "Timor Leste: The Island and the World"

International e-Conference "Timor Leste: The Island and the World" organized online by the Portuguese section of the Timor Leste Studies Association, September 7-11, 2020 Website : https://2020.tlsa.pt/en/



Covid-19 : expertise and IRD's partnership against the pandemic

The experience of IRD researchers in intertropical zones provides valuable lessons in terms of pandemic analysis, epidemiology, treatment and public health policy orientation.

Seaweed smallholder farming in Nusa Lembongan island, Bali

Collapse of seaweed culture in Bali

The culture of seaweed for the food and cosmetics industry is central to many rural households in Indonesia. The activity has vastly expanded in the past three decades, but in some cases, an opposite trend is now emerging.