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Visite USSH


Visit to the Department of Anthropology of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH)

Edmond Dounias, IRD representative for Vietnam and the Philippines, and Nguyen Cong Thanh, scientific cooperation officer at IRD Vietnam, were received at the Anthropology Department of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) by Nguyen Van Suu, Director of the Anthropology Department...

couverture pollution

14/01/22 - 02/03/22

Exhibition “Plastic: Pollution and solution”

The documentary exhibition "Plastics: pollution and solutions" will tell us about the life of plastic from the place of production to the place of consumption in daily life, until it is dispersed in soil and water environments. Although addressing the situation in Vietnam but not limited to a...

Lutte contre le Sida en Thaïlande dans un laboratoire PHPT à l'Université de Chiang Mai.


Two calls for health proposals for the Southeast Asia area in 2022

L’Initiative is looking for projects to fund for the year 2022. Two calls for proposals concern the Southeast Asia area on the issues of health system strengthening and strengthening awareness and access to care for populations vulnerable to HIV, tuberculosis or malaria.

Scientifique étudiant le comportement d'un éléphant en Asie du Sud-Est


Call for proposal "One Health in South East Asia

Until 20 December, the IRD is looking for projects to fund that promote a One Health approach in four South East Asian countries.

Study of diseases transmitted between bats and humans in South Africa


The third phase of the PREZODE workshops will take place on November 23

On Tuesday November 23, the third phase of PREZODE workshops in East, Southeast and Pacific Asia will take place. These workshops will focus on PREZODE's activities and priority areas as well as potential barriers to change.

Enquête de terrain sur le comportement alimentaire des éléphants apprivoisés


OHSEA: « One Health in Practice in Southeast Asia »

The steering committee of the OHSEA project "One Health in Practice in Southeast Asia" was held in May 2021.

Road-related deforestation in West Papua


PREZODE Regional Workshop with Asian partners

The PREZODE “ PREventing ZOonotic Disease Emergence” initiative, launched by France with the support of EU, aims to prevent emerging pandemic risks from animals while ensuring food security and livelihood for the poorest communities, and strengthening cooperation within and between several regions...

Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2021

22/03/21 - 24/03/21

Urgently tackling environmental issues: a series of events to address policy-makers in South-East Asia

From March 22 to 24, IRD researchers will be speaking at several side events held alongside the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2021 (APFSD) to urge decision-makers in Southeast Asia to tackle without delay the environmental problems that threaten our future and that of our children.

signature CTU


Signing ceremony of the renewal of the MOU with Can Tho University (CTU)

The signing ceremony of the renewal of the MOU between Can Tho University (CTU) and IRD was held on the occasion of an official visit to Can Tho by the French Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Nicolas Warnery.

Plastic waste at the seaside

02/03/21 - 02/03/21

Final webinar restitution of COMPOSE project - March 2nd 14h-17h

The French Embassy in Viet Nam and the French Research Institute for Development (IRD) in Viet Nam will organize the final webinar restitution of the COMPOSE project (Creating an Observatory for Measuring Plastic Occurrences in Society and Environment in Vietnam), which is scheduled for Tuesday 2nd...

CROCO partners


[Project] CROCO - Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity model

International Research Group-South (GDRI-Sud) 2021 – 2024 South Africa, Mozambique, Colombia, Chile, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Tunisia, Vietnam

4th session GEMMES


GEMMES VN Webinar/seminar series - 4th session

After the success of the three sessions of the GEMMES VN webinar series in December 2020, we are pleased to invite you to attend the 4th session this coming Thursday, which will deal with adaptation policies, climate change governance and local responses to climate hazards in order to provide...

3e session GEMMES


GEMMES VN Webinar/seminar series - 3rd session

After the success of the two sessions of the GEMMES VN webinar series in the last two weeks, we are pleased to invite you to attend the 3rd session this coming Thursday, which will deal with the macroeconomic impacts of climate change as well as present a dynamic platform on future climate scenarios...

Illustration de la Conférence Composing worlds with elephants


An Online Academic Conference Exploring the Human-Elephant Relationship

From 13th to 15th of December, IRD is co-organising the online academic conference "Composing Worlds with Elephants". This conference corrals together 24 scholars who are researching communities and environments at the interface of the human-elephant relationship in Asia and beyond.

Roundtable on Air Pollution


Roundtable on Air Pollution

Air pollution by fine particles is a global issue. It is the main health risk and the main cause of non-communicable diseases, the second largest contributor to global warming (just after CO2), and with quantities of fine particles arriving in the ocean more than twice the amount of plastic waste...

Version 1.0 of COMOKIT



IRD in Vietnam has set up a multidisciplinary team of researchers from UMMISCO (Huynh Quang Nghi, Nguyen Ngoc Doanh, Alexis Drogoul, Benoit Gaudou, Arthur Brugière, Kevin Chapuis), MIVEGEC (Marc Choisy, Damien Philippon) and DIADE (Pierre Larmande), assisted by colleagues from INRAE ​​(Patrick...



Covid-19 : expertise and IRD's partnership against the pandemic

The experience of IRD researchers in intertropical zones provides valuable lessons in terms of pandemic analysis, epidemiology, treatment and public health policy orientation.

Presentation of IRD activities in Vietnam by Mr. Alexis Drogoul, IRD Representative in Vietnam


Franco-Vietnamese meeting on environmental protection at MOFA

Benoit Duong, VIA at LMI RICE 2 observes under the optical microscope the roots of arabica coffee trees sampled in Son La province, Vietnam

Joint laboratories in Vietnam

The IRD supports the creation of joint research laboratories with its partners: JEAI (Junior Teams Associated to IRD, support of one time 3 years), LMI (International Joint Laboratories, support of 2 times 5 years maximum), UMI (International Joint Units, without limited duration, renewable every 5...

Maquette HoanKiem Air montrant la pollution atmosphérique liée au trafic urbain

Projects in Vietnam

The operations of the IRD and its partners are most often organised in the form of projects financed by public or private, national or international donors. Covering a broad spectrum, and most often favouring an interdisciplinary perspective, they allow to draw a picture of the expertise that IRD...