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Plastic waste at the seaside
Final webinar restitution of COMPOSE project - March 2nd 14h-17h
The French Embassy in Viet Nam and the French Research Institute for Development (IRD) in Viet Nam will organize the final webinar restitution of the COMPOSE project (Creating an Observatory for Measuring Plastic Occurrences in Society and Environment in Vietnam), which is scheduled for Tuesday 2nd...


[Project] CROCO - Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity model

International Research Group – South February 2021 – February 2024 South Africa, Mozambique, Colombia, Chili, Côte d’Ivoire, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Tunisia, Vietnam

4th session GEMMES


GEMMES VN Webinar/seminar series - 4th session

After the success of the three sessions of the GEMMES VN webinar series in December 2020, we are pleased to invite you to attend the 4th session this coming Thursday, which will deal with adaptation policies, climate change governance and local responses to climate hazards in order to provide...

3e session GEMMES


GEMMES VN Webinar/seminar series - 3rd session

After the success of the two sessions of the GEMMES VN webinar series in the last two weeks, we are pleased to invite you to attend the 3rd session this coming Thursday, which will deal with the macroeconomic impacts of climate change as well as present a dynamic platform on future climate scenarios...

Illustration de la Conférence Composing worlds with elephants


An Online Academic Conference Exploring the Human-Elephant Relationship

From 13th to 15th of December, IRD is co-organising the online academic conference "Composing Worlds with Elephants". This conference corrals together 24 scholars who are researching communities and environments at the interface of the human-elephant relationship in Asia and beyond.

call for proposals

10/08/20 - 30/08/20

Call for applications "Scientific Cooperation Officer"

Roundtable on Air Pollution


Roundtable on Air Pollution

Air pollution by fine particles is a global issue. It is the main health risk and the main cause of non-communicable diseases, the second largest contributor to global warming (just after CO2), and with quantities of fine particles arriving in the ocean more than twice the amount of plastic waste...

Version 1.0 of COMOKIT



IRD in Vietnam has set up a multidisciplinary team of researchers from UMMISCO (Huynh Quang Nghi, Nguyen Ngoc Doanh, Alexis Drogoul, Benoit Gaudou, Arthur Brugière, Kevin Chapuis), MIVEGEC (Marc Choisy, Damien Philippon) and DIADE (Pierre Larmande), assisted by colleagues from INRAE ​​(Patrick...



Covid-19 : expertise and IRD's partnership against the pandemic

The experience of IRD researchers in intertropical zones provides valuable lessons in terms of pandemic analysis, epidemiology, treatment and public health policy orientation.

Presentation of IRD activities in Vietnam by Mr. Alexis Drogoul, IRD Representative in Vietnam


Franco-Vietnamese meeting on environmental protection at MOFA

Benoit Duong, VIA at LMI RICE 2 observes under the optical microscope the roots of arabica coffee trees sampled in Son La province, Vietnam

Joint laboratories in Vietnam

The IRD supports the creation of joint research laboratories with its partners: JEAI (Junior Teams Associated to IRD, support of one time 3 years), LMI (International Joint Laboratories, support of 2 times 5 years maximum), UMI (International Joint Units, without limited duration, renewable every 5...

Promenade Kowloon devant le port Victoria à Hong Kong

Black Carbon: the dark side of human activity

This bilingual exhibition for the general public aims to provide an overview of what is known about anthropogenic fine particulate matter air pollution, and to present the health and environmental issues for both Vietnam and Thailand, and SEA as a whole.

Maquette HoanKiem Air montrant la pollution atmosphérique liée au trafic urbain

Projects in Vietnam

The operations of the IRD and its partners are most often organised in the form of projects financed by public or private, national or international donors. Covering a broad spectrum, and most often favouring an interdisciplinary perspective, they allow to draw a picture of the expertise that IRD...

Formation de l'utilisation du planeur sous-marin aux partenaires vietnamiens à l'ICISE, Quy Nhon

Scientific networks in Vietnam

If the assignment of French researchers to their Vietnamese partners is still the main way for the IRD to support the creation of sustainable networks, the institute also proposes complementary mechanisms, both individual and collective.

Solar panels.

[Project] IMACLIM - Modeling and evaluation of sustainable development policies

International Research Network (IRN) Argentina, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Russia, Vietnam January 2020 – December 2024

PSF-South ASIAME (2020-2022)

ASIAME (South-East ASIa School of Aquatic Microbial Ecology) themed schools aim to provide young ecologists in South-East Asia with a thorough education in both the theoretical and the methodological aspects of aquatic microbial ecology (cultures, taxonomy, physiology, metabolism and genomics). They...

PSF-South HGP-MEKONG (2020-2022)

The problems associated with underground water in South Cambodia and Vietnam, which share the Mekong Delta region, are linked to the integrated strategy for managing water resources in rural and urban areas.

Rencontre des chercheurs IRD au Vietnam avec des lycéens lors de la Journée de développement durable à HCMV

Communication of IRD in Vietnam

One of IRD's missions is to disseminate the results of the research works that it carries with its partners, to many audiences: students in international and Vietnamese schools, decision-makers, and even the general public. All media (books and comic strips, exhibitions, and above all films) are...

Formation de l'utilisation du planeur sous-marin aux partenaires vietnamiens à l'ICISE, Quy Nhon

Partners of IRD in Vietnam

IRD works in Vietnam in close partnership with many Vietnamese, French and international institutions. Here are listed the main ones, i.e. those with which long-term projects and collaborations are carried out.

Mangroves, Vietnam

Training in Vietnam

Training is an integral part of IRD's missions to its partners and, more generally, to Vietnam. If part of it is given during summer schools or project-specific training sessions, the majority is nevertheless carried out in the more conventional form of lectures for Bachelor, Master or PhD students...