IRD relies on its network of french regional delegations and representatives abroad to organise its collaborations. We are able to work together with our partners in France and in developing countries, bridging barriers between different disciplines and between fundamental and applied sciences and bringing new ideas. 

Our geographical priorities

The IRD is present in : France, international and European organisations in Brussels & Rome; and above all, in Intertropical and Mediterranean regions. Their situation requires a renewed pillar of knowledge to bring together the reduction of development inequalities, global changes, achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and innovation based on research.

The IRD's cooperation methods are flexible and responsive, ranging from support for interdisciplinary research centres put in place by the partner countries to participation in joint scientific projects and programmes.

Thanks to its network of representatives, the IRD can put scientific cooperation with developing countries at the heart of the national and European research and development assistance strategy. The IRD is present both in its immediate management of environmental, health or geostrategic crises and in crisis prevention and preparation measures which require significant interdisciplinary expertise.

Our delegations and representatives