Updated 28/05/20

In a glance


  • Founded in 1944, the Institute celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2019. Since 2008, its headquarters have been located in Marseille, France. Read the chronicle of its progress here.


  • IRD is present in mainland France and the French Overseas Territories, with international and European organisations in Brussels and Rome, but above all and most importantly, in the intertropical regions and the Mediterranean area. It operates by means of a network of 36 representations tasked with organising its collaborations.


  • Through its network and presence in fifty or so countries, IRD takes an original approach to equitable scientific partnership with countries of the Global South.


  • Committed to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Institute's research is founded on the pillars of sustainable development science, innovation and interdisciplinary cooperation.


Key figures


A rich community of 7,000 people

  • 2050 IRD employees (850 researchers and 1200 IRD engineers and technicians)
  • 29% of employees assigned outside mainland France


A vast network in France and countries of the Global South

  • 36 representations abroad, including 5 in the French Overseas Territories
  • 4 regional delegations in France
  • 55 unités mixtes de recherche
  • 34 LMI ?Laboratoire mixte international
  • 48 JEAI ?Jeunes équipes associées à l'IRD
  • 21 GDRI south ?Groupement de recherche international-sud
  • 10 PSIP ?Programmes structurants interdisciplinaires et partenariaux


Publications with our partners from the Global South 

  • 1,430 articles published in 2017 by IRD researchers in the Web of Science
  • 62% were co-publications with a partner from the Global South.