Updated 26/11/20

While celebrating the beauty of the coral reefs with wonderful photos, the exhibition highlights their essential place in the marine environment and for the development of the populations that depend on them. 

Accompanied by short and educational texts, these illustrations enable you to discover the astonishing biology of coral, the exceptional wealth of biodiversity that the coral reefs harbour, their role in protecting the coastlines, and also the multiple threats that weigh on these ecosystems today. Highlighting the environmental, and also social, economic and cultural value of the coral reefs, this exhibition places emphasis on the need for multidisciplinary research, sources of valuable data for the preservation and sustainable management policies of this exceptional environment.

Discover the exhibition's mobile application!

Dive with scientists into the heart of coral reefs: find the exhibition panels enriched with photographs of the world's incredible diversity of corals and short videos showing the researchers in action.

application recifs coralliens


  1. with your smartphone or digital tablet, connect to the 3G / 4G network or to a wifi network
  2. on Google play (Android) or on the App Store (ios Apple), search for "voyage au cœur des récifs coralliens"
  3. download, install and start the application
  4. choose « autres langues » and select « english »

or links to directly download the application:


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The exhibition can be accompanied by films:

Youtube IRD

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Contact: exposition@ird.fr

Technical description of the panels

  • Format: 22 panels 100 x 70 cm
  • Available in french, english and spanish