The launch meeting of the CapThai project took place on March 28 in Bangkok, in front of about 100 participants, including health care personnel in charge of TB patients. The meeting included a presentation of the program and partner organizations.

The kick-off meeting of the CapThai project, hosted by Dr. Xavier Mari, IRD Representative in Thailand, clarified the health context of Thailand, the objectives and the expectations of the research project. This meeting was followed by the training of the health care personnel of the hospitals participating in the project.

After the introductory speech of Dr. Xavier Mari on the place of research on tuberculosis in Thailand and the interest that IRD brings to the fight against this disease, the floor was given to the project leaders:

  • Dr. Phalin Kamolwat, Director of the Tuberculosis Division of the Thai Ministry of Public Health and Project Coordinator, presented the national tuberculosis control program and its link with the CapThai project
  • Dr. Christian Lienhardt, IRD Research Director and Project Coordinator, presented the overall project
  • Dr. Jintana Ngamvithayapong-Yanai, President of the Tuberculosis and HIV Research Foundation and Social Science Research Coordinator for the project, described how the social sciences will be integrated into the CapThai clinical trials


Two members of the advisory board, Ms. Chintana Thamsuwan, Global Fund Grants Manager, Thailand World Vision Foundation, and Mr. Wasurat Homsud, Project Officer, Raks Thai Foundation, then spoke to thank the health care staff for coming and being involved in this nationwide project.

Ms. Veronica Noseda, Project Manager at Expertise France, presented the agency which has financially contributed to the establishment and development of CapThai within the framework of the Initiative, and reminded us of the importance that Expertise France attaches to the fight against tuberculosis.


Photo Eve LubinTo close this meeting, Ms. Eve Lubin, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs at the French Embassy in Thailand, presented the Franco-Thai Year of Innovation in which this event is part, and encouraged the strengthening of links between Thai and French researchers in the field of public health.

The CapThai project has now been launched, and IRD with its partners from the Thai Ministry of Public Health, the TB/HIV Research Foundation (THRF) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases (LSHTM) will develop until 2026 the implementation of the research and clinical trials in 20 associated Thai hospitals.

Photo of project stakeholders and representatives of partner institutions

© Guillaume Marchand

The CapThai project is a research project aimed at collecting, detecting and analyzing cases of tuberculosis within the same household. There is very little data available on the transmission of the disease between people sharing the same roof. This project will be carried out in 20 Thai partner hospitals through a pragmatic Phase IV cluster randomized clinical trial.