From 30 September to 4 October 2021, a delta-mapping workshop is being held simultaneously in Macaneta (Mozambique), Tananarive (Madagascar) and online. 25 participants from the 4 countries are trained to use Google Earth Engine and QGIS.

Atelier de cartographie des deltas à Macaneta au Mozambique

© IRD - Stéphanie Duvail

The objective of this workshop led by Paolo Paron of IHE-Delft and organised in the framework of the GDRI-Sud Deltas and the DiDEM program is to train the WIODER network's teams in using remote sensing and GIS tools and to define common protocols for comparing 4 deltas: the Tana in Kenya, the Betsiboka in Madagascar, the Incomati in Mozambique and the Rufiji in Tanzania.

Participants à Madagascar

© IRD - Eric Delaitre

The first results of the comparison are very enlightening on the vulnerabilities faced by the Indian Ocean deltas: deforestation in the catchment area, reduction of flooding areas, landscape fragmentation.

Déforestation du delta Tana au Kenya

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