On Wednesday 14 June, a delegation from Expertise France visited the Division of Tuberculosis (DTB) of the Thai Ministry of Health to meet the CaPThai project teams and assess its progress.

CaPThai is a research project co-directed by Dr Phalin Kamolwat, Director of the DTB, and Dr Christian Lienhardt, Director of Research at the IRD. The aim of the project is to gather essential data for the revision and updating of guidelines on the detection and prevention of tuberculosis in Thailand.

During their visit to Thailand, Mr Éric Fleutelot, Technical Director at Expertise France, and Ms Adeline Lautissier, Project Manager, visited the Division of Tuberculosis with Ms Clarisse Veylon-Hervet, Health Counsellor at the French Embassy in Thailand. They were welcomed by Dr Kamolwat and his team in charge of setting up the project in Thailand. The French project leaders followed the meeting by videoconference.

During the meeting, chaired by Dr. Kamolwat, the project and initial actions in the field were presented, including a visit to the twenty partner hospitals in the project. The clinical study, due to start in a few weeks' time, raised questions about its implementation and the drugs used.

Following this meeting, Dr Kamolwat led a tour of the DTB's premises, which enabled the French delegation to understand the organisation and operation of the structure.

This meeting will enable Expertise France to suggest areas for improvement and reflection to the CaPThai coordinators.

Expertise France, serving international technical cooperation projects

Expertise France is a French public agency which designs and implements projects that sustainably strengthen public policies in developing and emerging countries. It works in key areas of sustainable development.

The agency, which is funding CaPThai with l’Initiative, is responsible for the operational monitoring of this research project.