In order to share the results of its research with a broad audience, the IRD produces and co-produces short or feature-length documentaries, photo reports and native podcasts on contemporary issues and topics associated with research into development with and for countries in the South.

The IRD coordinates every aspect of its own scientific broadcasting, from design and realisation to distribution and promotion. We act as liaison between scientists and broadcasting professionals.

The IRD is a bridge between scientists and citizens, working in partnership with other public research and knowledge distribution establishments, universities, international organisations, production companies, television channels and public and private distribution networks.

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Multimedia platforms

Two platforms, constantly changing, to discover:

Are you a journalist, editor, producer, director, researcher, teacher or student?

All IRD image and sound material from 1944 to the present day is available from our online platforms and (photos)

The Indigo database contains almost 67,000 photos taken by scientists and professional photographers in their fields of research.

Photo contact (video & sound)

This audiovisual database gives access to almost 600 films, often produced jointly, and over 1000 sound sequences.


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Sample film


Our productions are also available on the IRD’s YouTube channel and on Canal U