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The IRD representative office in Nairobi.

Dominique Dumet, new IRD representative in Kenya and East Africa

We warmly welcome Dr Dominique Dumet, senior researcher at the French Research Institute for Sustainable Development, who took office on September 1, 2020.

Daily life in Madagascar.

Scientific stopovers on the coastline of the Indian Ocean

Imagine yourself travelling along the coasts of the Western Indian Ocean… From the Cape of Good Hope to Zanzibar, via the long beaches of Mozambique and the Reunion Island idyllic lagoons, to the mangroves of Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya. These shores do not only inspire tourists forced into...

Webinar Global Volcanology Talk: The past, present and future of volcano monitoring

Volcano monitoring is one of the earliest scientific activities carried out in Indonesia, long before the country was founded. This activity is aimed at studying volcanoes in order to be able to protect the society from volcanic eruptions. Volcano monitoring has been systematically carried out in...

e-Conference Timo-Leste

International e-Conference "Timor Leste: The Island and the World"

International e-Conference "Timor Leste: The Island and the World" organized online by the Portuguese section of the Timor Leste Studies Association, September 7-11, 2020 Website : https://2020.tlsa.pt/en/

Remote signature of the MoU between ARC, CIRAD and INRAE.

Remote research and partnerships have potential!

While the pandemic is extending on the longer term everywhere in the world, the international scientific collaborations carry on and the researchers have to keep their dynamics going. This is also the case for the IRD, CNRS and Cirad partnerships in Southern Africa. Doing science remotely entails...

Longliner in Reunion.

WIOMSA and IRD: a close cooperation for marine science

Dr. Jacqueline Uku, WIOMSA President, says it herself: “IRD has been a good friend, for a very long time.” The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association indeed has extensive links with IRD in the region and offers a great support to marine researchers.

Voici l’objectif proposé par un nouveau projet de l’IRD au Laos financé par le Fonds Canadiens d’Initiatives Locales et conduit par l'anthropologue Pascale Hancart Petitet, en collaboration avec Thiane Khamvongsa, artiste et directrice de la Compagnie Les Bêtes sur La Lune, et la troupe de danse FangLao.   Pour mettre en scène les parcours de vie des femmes migrantes, la troupe s'est appuyée sur des entretiens ethnographiques conduits par des représentants d'associations de personnes vivant avec le VIH au L

A performance mixing science and dance highlights the vulnerability of migrant women in Laos

Raising awareness among decision-makers and the general public about social and health vulnerabilities of migrant women in Laos through the diffusion of the artistic performance "Live With it" built on scientific data.

Petite fille utilisant un produit désinfectant pour se laver les mains

Laotian project PHYDELAO selected by AUF to continue its fight against the transmission of COVID19

Competing with nearly 2000 projects from 79 countries around the world, the Laotian project PHYDALEAO (PHYto-Desinfectants against the airborne spread of SArs-COV2) has just been selected to be funded by a special fund of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) devoted to the fight against...

Rough sea.

A breath of invigorating sea air… carrying microplastics

A new study involving researchers from the CNRS, the Nelson Mandela University and the Strathclyde University (Scotland) provided evidence of possible microplastic transportation from the ocean to the surrounding atmosphere, by the waves and the wind. This marks a significant step for research and a...