Quality higher education and continuing education are prerequisites for conducting high-level research in the Tropical and Mediterranean Countries.

In relation to research capacity building, IRD proposes a training device coached by IRD laboratories and their counterparts in TMR : Structural Training Projects (PSF Programme?French Original Name).


The objectives of the PSF Programme are to :

  • Contribute to the training of students, teacher-researchers, researchers, engineers and technicians from TMR.
  • Strengthen the policies of university in the "North and the South" and their mutual links.
  • Enrich through training IRD's research projects or partnership research schemes (JEAI, LMI, GDRI-South).

The PSF mechanism has two components :

  • Support to Higher Education and Research institutions in TMR (masters, schools and doctoral colleges).
  • For this component, projects must involve one or more French or European universities, in coherence with the site policies of the IRD.
  • Support for "North/South" research teams and collectives (research training schools, transversal workshops, production of digital resources).
  • For this second component, it is possible to take place in the "North" (France or elsewhere). However, they must closely associate academic and scientific partners from the South in their set-up and implementation.


  • The next campain will open in summer 2021   

It will take place via IRD's DAM?Demande d'allocation des moyens in connection with the IRD Units Directors.

The complete file must be sent only in electronic form to the Unit Director of the IRD laboratory co-supporting the application.

The Capacity Building Unit (SRC?Service Renforcement des Capacités) is at the disposal of the teams for any questions on how to prepare the application.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at :
To know more : PRACTICAL GUIDE