Updated 26/11/20

This exhibition aims to inform the public - and especially young people - about the huge role the ocean plays in the Earth's climate and the climatic changes now taking place. The ocean plays a crucial role, yet this is still not well-known to the general public.

The climate plays a decisive role in the lives of humanity, resources, human development and health. The ocean has an essential part in the complex mechanisms that govern climate. By storing heat received from the sun and subsequently moving it from the tropics towards the temperate regions, the ocean interacts with the atmosphere and thus helps to make our planet inhabitable. The onset of global warming makes the study of the relationships between the ocean and the climate more than ever a vital challenge for science.

Exhibition updated in January 2015


This traveling exhibition is intended for the general public and the educational community (high schools, educational resource centers, etc.) in France and abroad.



Contact: exposition@ird.fr

Technical description of the panels 

  • Format: 16 panels 80 x 200 cm
  • Available in french, english and spanish