From 13th to 15th of December, IRD is co-organising the online academic conference "Composing Worlds with Elephants". This conference corrals together 24 scholars who are researching communities and environments at the interface of the human-elephant relationship in Asia and beyond.

The conference will host twenty-four scholars across six panels, and from multiple disciplines across the natural and social sciences. Each panel addresses one dimension of our complex entanglement with this charismatic giant: 

  • Negociating with giants 
  • Wild Perspectives, Wild Affects, Wild Relations
  • Sharing Practices, Cultures, and Identities
  • Rethinking Elephants and Methods
  • Long-lasting Bonds Under Threat
  • Looking Back in Time

The conference aims to further develop a multi-faceted approach to studying human-elephant relations, one that speaks across boundaries and is open to the emergence of new ideas that can occur at the intersection of different points-of-view.  Ultimately, a more complex understanding will help us to live better with these extraordinary beings during these precarious times.

If you would like to participate in the panel discussion, please register for the conference right here. There is no fee for registering or attending. More than 250 specialists and elephant enthusiasts have already registered!

For more information, please visit the official conference website: