The IRD is a multidisciplinary institute and upholds the specific nature of its approach by conducting research that is in line with major issues in development.

IRD research is at the cutting edge of “the science of sustainability” and primarily draws inspiration from the problems facing the real world, ecosystems and societies, instead of based on the own dynamic of the scientific disciplines that it brings to bear.

Because this research focuses on the intertropical and Mediterranean region, which is the most ecologically, socially and politically vulnerable of current development models, this research often finds itself, virtually automatically, at the front line of major debates. To this end, the IRD favours interdisciplinary and intersectoral scientific approaches to SDGs.


The markers of our action in favour of development


  • A fair scientific partnership and joint publications with partners in developing countries
  • Solutions tailored to global challenges and based on scientific evidence
  • Public policies informed by scientific progress
  • Citizens actively involved in change
  • Responsible innovations
  • Specific assessments and expertise


Supporting multidisciplinary and partnership research into the main issues of development


The IRD is at the forefront of international science, collaboratively producing rigorous scientific material that informs decision-makers and fuels public policies. Global health, governance, inequality and poverty, mobility and migration, climate and global change, oceans, natural risks, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, ecosystems and resources: these are some of the topics addressed in a multidisciplinary approach. Its scientific activity takes place in its research units and schemes in France and abroad.