Senior researcher at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), Paul-André Calatayud has been working in partnership with Kenyan researchers for many years now. He was just awarded the title of “outstanding partner of the year” by his host institution in Nairobi, the international centre of insect physiology and ecology (icipe).

icipe chose Paul-André for “his exemplary collaboration and partnership”. The centre states: “Paul-Andre’s expertise in hostplant-natural enemy interactions has been instrumental to the implementation of icipe’s classical biological and habitat management efforts in staple crops and for the effective integration of the IRD team within icipe R&D.

Paul-André Calatayud with one of his colleagues at icipe.

© Agnès Faivre

His publication record in this field has ensured that icipe’s work in the area remain visible; contributing to cutting-edge science in evolutionary biology. Paul-Andre has also mentored several scientists and students and has largely contributed to best practices that has enhanced the quality of science”.

Receiving his price, Paul-André said: “the strong partnership between IRD and icipe is crucial, as it is a way for us to access a laboratory and its biological materials in Eastern Africa, but also to participate in regional research programmes through icipe. During my time at icipe, I tried to consolidate and prolong this collaboration".