Updated 09/11/22

International Research Network-South (GDRI-Sud)

January 2018 - December 2022

South Africa

Scientific objectives

In population biology/genetics, "connectivity" in a metapopulation through the migration of individuals/genes, can be understood as the opposite of the isolation of demes. An enhanced connectivity can reduce the vulnerability of demes through a rescue effect provided by immigration from other demes, reduce the risk of disruption of the metapopulation system, or counter the local effects of genetic drift.

The GDRI-Sud on marine connectivity, headed by Sophie Arnaud-Haond (Ifremer) and Nicolas Bierne (CNRS), is the european follow-up of a national research network (MarCo, 2011-2015) on the same thematic. The researchers in the GDRI want to add a Southern dimension to their project. More specifically, the goal is to invite young African researchers and PhD with various scientific expertise (genetics, otolithometry, modelisation) and origins (South Africa, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Mozambique, Senegal, Tunisia) to join the GDRI-Sud by financing their participation to conferences and trainings. The latter hence constitute the main driver of the scientific dynamic of the group. The planned objective is to enable our Southern colleagues to create new collaborations and to mobilize the group's forces around their issues. This action participates in the necessary Southern redeployment of the scientific community.


Partners from the South

Partners from the North

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French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development



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