Updated 27/09/21

Supported by Laurent Drapeau (UMR CESBIO) and Safa Baydoun (Beirut Arab University, Lebanon), this PSF-South aims to improve research and teaching in ecosystem management in Lebanon.

The major environmental, social and political changes within the Mediterranean belt, specifically in Lebanon, are associated. The major risks involve flooding, earth movements and earthquakes, as well as pollution linked to climate change, anthropization and virtually anarchic urban development. Populations, which are becoming more numerous, denser and more urbanised, are ever-increasingly vulnerable to ecological imbalances, which have a direct impact on their revenue and their well-being.

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Against this complex backdrop, characterised by numerous challenges, ENVIPRO-Med proposes collaborative scientific answers between the universities involved.


  • Consolidate ongoing training activities as part of the GDRI
  • Awareness training broadening the scope of the operators with whom these initiatives are already in place
  • Create a shared master’s degree course between the two partner universities


  • IRD
  • Beirut Arab University
  • University of Montpellier