The spectacular advances made in sequencing technology have been a veritable revolution in life science research. These faster techniques generate an explosion in the volume of genomic data, which means that specific analytical skills and access to calculation resources such as calculation clusters are required.



  • organise training workshops in Ouagadougou in sequencing and bioinformatics applied to NGS data and incorporate this training into the master’s degree programme
  • Form a bioinformatics committee in Burkina Faso and in West Africa
  • Develop a platform for the user community for multidisciplinary metagenomics projects


    • University Ouaga 1 (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso), Prof. Romaric Nanema
    • IRD (UMR IPME) Dr Christophe Brugidou
    • IRD (UMR DIADE) Christine Tranchant