“By yourself, you go more quickly; together, you go further.”

Inspired by this African proverb, the RCS3E project, sponsored by the university of Abdou Moumouni in Niamey, aims to bring together an ensemble of African and French academics as part of research schools focusing on the issue of invasive species.




Reinforce individual and collective abilities for the discovery and command of different analytical tools that are essential for studying and managing invasive species (multivariate analysis programme in R, GenePop, Fstat, geneclass2, Genetix, Arlequin, etc.).


  • University of Abdou Moumouni (Niger) - Karmadine Hima
  • IRD (UMR CBGP) - Gauthier Dobigny
  • University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin), University of Gaston Berger (Senegal), Senegalese Agricultural Research Institute (ISRA, Senegal)