Updated 28/05/20

North and North-East Brazil have a large number of top-level researchers and lecturers in marine sciences. However, the region still has no internationally renowned scientific institution devoted to this field. The RECIMAR project contributes, alongside research projects, to creating the conditions that will enable a Regional Centre of Excellence in Marine Sciences for the Tropical Atlantic to be founded.


Develop a cycle of summer schools on board the scientific vessel “Ciencias do Mar 4” aimed at master’s students, doctorate students and young researchers in order to:

  1. Develop expertise in multidisciplinary campaigns at sea, including in physical oceanography, submarine acoustics and the tools for observing plankton and gelatinous animals
  2. Develop practical expertise in bio-logging (instrumentation of wild marine life with apparatus to record multiple activities, including GPS, dive recorders and accelerometers
  3. Develop expertise in the field of modelling observation data: successions and trophic plankton networks, dynamic of populations structured by age or by biological stage, genetics of populations, distribution of larvae and connectivity


  • Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil) - Prof Alex Costa Da Silva
  • IRD (UMR MARBEC) - Dr Sophie Bertrand
  • Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (Brazil)
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