The Sahel region has been identified as the most vulnerable location to climate change on the planet. The considerable variation in rainfall from one year to another against a backdrop of intense pressure on water resources (the population is set to double by 2050) has led this zone to be classified as a "hotspot” with regard to the expected consequences of global changes.

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  • Open up and optimise existing education programmes at the master’s level
  • broaden them thematically in order to contribute to training the African specialists in multiple disciplines of tomorrow on issues involving resistance to climate change

Endow the Sahel with scientific and operational framework qualified to enter into dialogue with international institutions and national decision-makers in order to identify solutions that guarantee sustainable development


  • University of Abdou Moumouni (Niger) - Prof. Yahaya Nazoumou
  • University of Grenoble Alpes (UMR IGE) - Prof. Jean-Pierre Vandervaere
  • University of Zinder (Niger), University of Maradi (Niger), IRD (UMR IGE)