Updated 23/06/20

Working at the IRD means putting your skills at the service of research committed to tackling the challenges people and the planet are facing. There are various ways you can join this rich, multicultural community of over 7,000 people with multiple talents, including 2,000 IRD employees.

Mission de terrain dans la région minière d'Oued el Heimer

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Mission de terrain dans la région minière d'Oued el Heimer


External competition

1. Become a researcher at IRD

IRD researchers are recruited through competition based on qualifications and experience in the researcher corps (CR in French) and research director corps (DR in French).

IRD offers around thirty job opportunities each year, classed by corps and by discipline. Recruitment takes place based on particular scientific projects or topics linked to the scientific commissions. Any candidate who has obtained a doctorate or equivalent qualifications is eligible to compete. There are no nationality requirements.

Competition for recruitment takes place in three phases:

  • Eligibility: IRD ensures that each candidate fulfils the conditions for application.
  • Pre-selection by application: the examining board reviews the applications of eligible candidates. After deliberation, the board draws up a list of people selected to continue to the next phase of the competition. These people are invited for interviews.
  • Interviews and admissions: the candidates are then interviewed and after deliberation, the board draws up a list of those selected for admission.

Want to conduct your research project at IRD? Apply online during the annual recruitment campaign.

2. Join IRD in research support positions

Competition for recruitment takes place in two phases: the eligibility phase and the admission phase.

If you wish to apply, you must first meet the eligibility conditions for the competition (for example, qualifications required depending on the competition, nationality or age requirements, filling out an application, etc.)

A campaign of external competitions for research support positions is launched annually on this website.

Internal competitions

Internal competitions are open to engineers and technicians of the Institute and to civil servants who meet the required seniority conditions.

The annual internal competition campaign is both a promotional tool for IRD employees and a method of recruitment for officials from the three public services.

All the necessary information is posted online during the yearly launch of internal competitions.

For more information, please check the application guide

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Whether you're a researcher or working in research support, you'll have the functional or geographic mobility that opens up career opportunities. Such mobility allows you to diversify and enrich your career path. It gives you the chance to further your career, develop your adaptation skills and build new skills.

Every year at springtime, the Institute's mobility campaign allows civil servants from the three areas of public service to fill vacant positions with external mobility opportunities.

As a researcher, your mobility project (whether internal or external) will always be managed in conjunction with your unit director and your scientific department, and within the framework of a defined administrative position (provision, secondment, availability).

IRD also recruits civil servants and contractual staff throughout the year.

To apply, send your CV and a cover letter to the address shown on the job offer you're interested in


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Public law contracts

Public-sector posts are meant to be filled by civil servants. At IRD, recruitment of contractual staff is done as an exception; however, such staff do form part of IRD's teams and the Institute has adopted a charter and remuneration policy specific to them. This reflects a strong commitment to ensuring that recruitment is open to all and is conducted in a transparent and ethical process that fosters employee diversity.

Are you an expert in public accounting? Do you handle European contracts? Or perhaps you're an entomologist, a post-doctoral fellow or even a manager of human resources? IRD has opportunities for you in over 100 different professions supporting public research.

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Recruitment for people with disabilities

IRD takes a vigorous and proactive approach to promoting the integration and retention in employment of staff with disabilities.

Staff with disabilities hired for long-term positions are expected to receive permanent contracts after one year, and thereby become permanent civil servants. 

Paying more attention to the health of employees at work and improving their quality of life at work is a priority: it sustainably strengthens the link between improved working conditions for employees and the performance of the Institute.

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If you're a student seeking to complement your training by acquiring professional experience, consider doing an internship at IRD. Internships give you a considerable advantage in successfully obtaining a qualification. In fact, the Institute regularly takes in trainees from all walks of life. Most are scientists joining in the research units, but there are also internships available for support and administration jobs at headquarters, regional delegations and representations abroad.

What is the procedure?

All internships are arranged through a tripartite agreement between the Institute, the host establishment and the intern.

How do I apply?

  • By responding to a job offer published on the Public Service portal. 
  • Spontaneously: your internship request must be made within several weeks/months before the start of the internship in order to leave time for the administration of recruitment arrangements. Your application must include a CV and a cover letter specifying the dates of your availability and the duration of your internship. 

Internship requests that cannot be accepted will not be answered in writing. If you do not receive a response from us within 4 weeks, you may conclude that your application has not been accepted.


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Committed to helping young people enter the job market, IRD implements a qualitative policy for hosting apprentices. An IRD apprenticeship contract is a gateway to scientific and administrative employment. It provides both theoretical and practical training developed by apprenticeship masters who are experienced in educational practices and passionate about their profession.

What is the procedure?

Our role is to gradually guide you into a profession, share our professional network with you, and motivate you to learn and carry out your missions for the common good.

The missions that offer apprenticeships are determined in the spring so that arrangements can be made between the apprenticeship master and your school in time to effectively start your apprenticeship at the beginning of the school year. 

How do I apply?

Want to pursue your training through an apprenticeship? The first step is to ask your training centre if your specialty is eligible for establishing partnership with IRD.

Join us as an apprentice to discover the research support professions and give yourself the best chance for success.