Among the broad range of large-scale disturbances that affect Indo-Pacific coral reefs, the coral-eating starfish Acanthaster planci (“crown-of-thorns”, referred to as COTs) is a major cause of coral reef destruction, whose impact is quantitatively comparable to cyclones. Monitoring and managing COTS outbreaks with the involvement of local villagers and low-cost natural methods can successfully protect key portions of reefs and help them face other threats. 

The workshop was co-organized by IRD and Naturevolution and was mainly conducted by Pascal Dumas (Entropie research unit) from Noumea. The training targeted a dozen of participants with various backgrounds, based in Southern Sulawesi and invited by the local NGO Toli Toli Giant Clam Association. A few animation tools usefully provided by the RCS unit of IRD significantly enhanced the interactions between participants despite remote contingencies.

The training has resulted in some media hits in the press and on television.


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