Updated 20/07/23

The IRD conducts research with multiple partners and encourages the creation of partnership tools such as joint mixed laboratories, young teams associated with IRD and research networks.

Atmospheric observatory, Reunion Island.

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Atmospheric observatory, Reunion Island.

Our partners

Local partnerships in Reunion, Mayotte and Scattered Islands

And local organisations such as:

International cooperation

At the international level, the IRD Reunion is part of a network of IRD offices in Southern Africa, East Africa and the Indian Ocean and participates in the development of numerous regional and international cooperation programs, such as:

  • TIS AEDES-OI program on the extension of the sterile insect technique to the whole region
  • The PAREO program on raising children's awareness of the protection of coral reefs
  • The CORECRABE program on mangrove crabs in Madagascar
Mesopelagic fauna.

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Mesopelagic fauna.

International collaboration tools

The French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development has several tools to develop scientific collaborations abroad: