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Spring School "Violence in the city and public action: a cross-view between France and Latin America"

The 4th edition of the spring school "Violence in the city and public action : a French-Latin American perspective", organised by CIESAS, the University of Veracruz and the IRD, in association with the University of Lyon 2 and URMIS and with the support of the French Development Agency (AFD), took...

Participants à la formation à l'Indian Institute of Science


Training on Crop Water Requirement Calculation and Agricultural Water Use at the Indian Institute of Science

On April 18 and 19, the training was organized at the Indian Institute of Science, in the framework of the World Bank REWARD project.

Photo des Responsables de la plateforme de vectorologie avec les Représentants des institutions partenaires (Université de Mahidol, IRD et l'Ambassade de France)


Launch of the Symposium on the use of viral vectors for gene transfer and genome editing

April 18 was the launch day of the Franco-Thai Symposium on the Study of Viral Vectors. Gathered at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences of Mahidol University, the coordinating scientists of the new Thai Vector Research Center presented their work and the recently inaugurated research platform to...

Members of the Zotero software training


Training on Zotero software, an essential tool for managing scientific publications

From 5 to 8 December 2022, a training session on Zotero software and the methodology of searching for scientific information on the Internet brought together a dozen teacher-researchers from different faculties and research organisations in Vientiane (Faculty of Agriculture, Architecture, Natural...

Social Sciences Winter Schools in South Asia detailled logo


Rethinking Inequalities in the Winter School of Social Sciences in Pondicherry

From November 28 to December 2, 2022, the Winter School of Social Sciences in Pondicherry is organized at UMISARC, the South Asian Studies Center of the University of Pondicherry. This training for students and researchers will be structured around three workshops.

Laurence Lombard explains to her audience how to control their emotions


[Science Days in Laos] IRD organises pitch training at the AUF office in Vientiane

On October 14, Laos celebrated its Science Days. In this context, IRD and the OHSEA program organized a scientific pitch training, in the premises of the AUF (University Agency of the Francophonie) in Vientiane.

Formation projet Rocket


First training of the Rocket project

In the frame of the ROCKET project (Research on Crickets), we organized a first training in July in the village of Tinkham, which is situated at about 4 km from the Cricket Lao farm.

Meeting between IRD Representatives in Laos (Dr. Eric Deharo, left), Cambodia (Dr. Adèle Martial, middle) and their respective financial managers


IRD Laos Cambodia representatives meet in Phnom Penh

The IRD representation in Laos visited Phnom Penh (Cambodia) at the end of May to strengthen the financial management capacities of the IRD representation in Cambodia.

Lors de la signature du MoU et de l'inauguration du nouveau bâtiment du CEFIRSE, le Consul Général de France à Bangalore et le Directeur de l'Indian Institute of Science devant la plaque du CEFIRSE.


A new MoU for CEFIRSE has been signed between the Indian Institute of Science and several French organisations including IRD and CNRS

On 22 November, an official ceremony at the Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences (CEFIRSE) sealed a four-year partnership between the Indian Institute of Science and 6 French organisations, including IRD.

Signature de l'accord-cadre entre l’IRD et l’Université de Chulalongkor


A new MoU signed between IRD and Chulalongkorn University

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase scientific cooperation between IRD and Chulalongkorn University was signed on Tuesday October 26 by the two institutions.

Travaux pratiques lors de l'atelier


A workshop on extraction techniques

A workshop dedicated to the study of extractive chemistry techniques was held at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Vientiane with the support of the AUF, the SEP2D programme and the cabinet of the Academy of Sciences and Technology of Laos.

Invasion of coral reefs by COTS


Remote training workshop: Monitoring and managing COTS outbreaks on the coral reefs of Southeast Sulawesi, Kendari

Among the broad range of large-scale disturbances that affect Indo-Pacific coral reefs, the coral-eating starfish Acanthaster planci (“crown-of-thorns”, referred to as COTs) is a major cause of coral reef destruction, whose impact is quantitatively comparable to cyclones. Monitoring and managing...

Veterinary training aiming at improving the animal disease surveillance system. Susan Katsande, veterinary trainer.


[Video] Immersion in the fight against zoonotic and animal diseases in Zimbabwe

Scientists from IRD, CIRAD and the University of Zimbabwe set up training courses and research projects to strengthen the country's autonomy in the face of animal and zoonotic diseases, via the CAZCOM project. Meet them in the field, in this video!

Affiche du webinaire Women in Science en Thaïlande


Webinar | Inspiring Career Paths: Successful stories of Women in Science

To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11th, Valérie Verdier, IRD's Chairman of the board and CEO, gave an opening speech during the webinar: "Inspiring Career Paths: Successful stories of Women in Science shattering the glass ceiling".

Student training at the University of Western Cape, South Africa.


Call for Applications: Virtual workshop for African early career researchers

Apply to this virtual capacity building workshop before 17 August.

Launching of a CTD-rosette.


[Meet a scientist] Moagabo Ragoasha: once an IRD scholarship holder, now an oceanographer in the SA-France network

Moagabo Ragoasha has just defended her PhD and is now a qualified South African physical oceanographer. Thanks to the IRD scholarship program, she had the opportunity to share her PhD time between France and South Africa. Let’s have a chat with her so she can share her experience with us!

Bandeau vierge


Jeunes équipes associées à l'IRD - call for proposals 2020

IRD opens a new call for the creation of "JEAI, les jeunes équipes associées à l'Institut".



Trouver des approches pertinentes pour la gestion des ressources naturelles

The start of the year 2020 sees the creation of a new young team associated with the IRD in Southern Africa: ITANGO-MOZ (Innovative Tools and Approaches for Natural Resource Governance in Mozambique). The Maputo-based team aims at reflecting on current policies and practices and at defining tools...

Réunion d'information du projet IRD Rocket par Mme Keomoukda, CEO de la Cricket Lao Farm à Ban Keun Village

Training in Laos

IRD researchers in Laos give courses at the National University of Laos. They also offer seminars, workshops and specific training activities, especially in laboratories. They supervise master and PhD students.

Enquêtes sur les perceptions locales auprès des Punan de la rivière Tubu, Nord-Kalimantan

Training in Indonesia

In addition to training projects under development, the IRD focuses on training through research by the supervision of Indonesian doctoral students and the recruitment on fixed-term contracts of young graduate engineers who thus benefit from technical training that includes practice during fieldwork...