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Laboratory work on emerging diseases.


Regional focus: Infectious diseases in the centre of the scientists’ target

Their names are Florian, Muriel, Andres, Veerle, Louis-Clément... Each morning, a community of IRD researchers working in Southern, Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean wakes up with a simple idea in mind: fighting communicable diseases having significant effects among the region’s populations.



Covid-19 : expertise and IRD's partnership against the pandemic

The experience of IRD researchers in intertropical zones provides valuable lessons in terms of pandemic analysis, epidemiology, treatment and public health policy orientation.

 Mountains of the eastern arch of Tanzania. The flora of this region is threatened with extinction.


Almost a Third of Tropical Africa’s Flora Faces Extinction

31.7% of tropical Africa’s vascular plant species could be threatened with extinction, reveals an international study coordinated by an IRD researcher, published in the journal Science Advances on 20 November 2019. Using a new approach based on the key elements of the assessment process used by the...

An aquaculture farm cage during feeding.

[Project] AfriMAQUA - Sustainable marine aquaculture in Africa

International Research Group-South AfriMAQUA For Sustainable Marine Aquaculture in Africa

Tea plantation in the Tanzanian mountains.

[Project] CLAREA – Climate, livelihoods and agroecosystem resources in East Africa

2019 - 2022 Tanzania

Mangrove zone near Watamu, Kenya.

Presentation of the IRD in Kenya

Established in Kenya since 1992, IRD in Eastern Africa in partnership with more than 20 regional institutions (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, and Djibouti) supports research and training of direct relation to national and international priorities (African Union, United Nations).

Mangrove trees.

Research in Kenya and East Africa


Partnership in Kenya and East Africa

In order to conduct research, the IRD promotes the use of partnership tools such as the international joint labs, the young teams associated with IRD and the research groups in the South.

Pirogue in Madagascar.

[Project] DELTAS - Environmental and social dynamics of deltas

Groupement International de Recherche-Sud DELTAS Environmental and social dynamics of Western Indian Ocean deltas

Daily life in Madagascar.

[Project] DiDEM - Dialogue between science and decision-makers for an integrated management of marine and coastal environments

July 2020 – July 2023 Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania