Updated 11/06/20

Strengthening research capacities of scientific communities in tropical and mediterranean countries is one of the core missions of IRD. This is achieved through a series of specific programmes, including individual and institutional support.

Research training and capacity-building

Three strands of work are accordingly developed, each encompassing different programmes:

  • Supporting individual training for research careers
  • Promoting the creation of new research teams and enhancing their skills, autonomy and competitiveness within an international environment, in particular through young research teams (JEAIs). 
  • Facilitating the institutional structuring of research activities in tropical countries and their integration in the global research landscape, through partnership schemes such as International Joint Laboratories (IJLs). 

In Thailand, IRD provides training and support to local research teams, in particular through the SymbiTrop young team (JEAI) set up with local partners and researchers.