Eligibility criteria

    The competition, offered this year in French, English, and Spanish, is open to young researchers and doctoral candidates based in France or abroad. To be eligible, scientists must have presented their thesis less than five years ago or currently be in the process of obtaining their doctorate. The project must also be related to research conducted by an IRD team. The three winners will receive a prize of 10,000 euros and will be provided with one year of support in implementing their project.

    Three regions, three languages

    Tableau langues EN Trophees innovation 2024

    The region of application does not depend on the candidate's nationality but on the region where the project is taking place.

    Key dates for the 2024 edition

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    A look back at the 2023 edition

    Launched in 2023 to promote and stimulate innovation by young international researchers, the first edition of the Trophées de l'innovation rewarded two researchers:

    • Clarisse Njovu Balegamire, a young Congolese geologist specializing in resource exploitation and natural hazards. Her project: to extract value from the mining waste that is invading her region in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, using it to build the roads that her country so desperately needs.
    • Adèle Rayangnéwendé Ouédraogo, agro-pedology researcher from Burkina-Faso. Her project: to formulate biofertilizers from household, agricultural and agro-industrial waste to improve soil quality and hence crop yields.

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    Understand, build, and transform together

    In 2024, IRD is celebrating its 80th anniversary with exceptional events throughout the year and around the world. Through this celebration, the Institute will create debate, encourage reflection, and highlight research on the major challenges of international scientific cooperation for sustainable development. Learn more