Updated 06/05/22

Visiting this exhibition, you can venture deep into the heart of the tropical rainforests  -of Latin America, Africa or Asia- and discover how far they are essential for the future of our Earth!

Hotspots of biodiversity, rich with a host of resources, the tropical rainforests represent nearly one third of the world’s woodland areas. They support the lives of several hundred million people. But these forests do not provide just wood, fruit, game, abundant land reserves for agriculture and stockbreeding. They also o‑er a range of less visible services, just as essential for human well-being, thanks especially to their role in helping to regulate the climate, the water cycle and soil conditions.

The tropical rainforests are now threatened, precisely because of the rich resources they hold. So is it possible to devise sustainable management approaches that will help reconcile their utilisation with their protection? A key question running through the exhibition. The displays will lead you into the great forest areas of Central Africa, the Amazon Basin and South-East Asia.

Exhibition devised by the IRD and CIRAD with the support of the Institut français and the french ministry of foreign and european Affairs.

May 2011. Data update: april 2022.


Contact: exposition@ird.fr

Technical description of the panels

· Format: 17 panels 80 x 200 cm ; 6 panels 80 x 100 cm

. Available in french, english, spanish and portuguese