#SciChat is a mini interview-series on the African counterparts of our IRD, CNRS or Cirad French scientists leading research in the region (Southern Africa, East Africa and the Indian Ocean). For this fourth video and on the occasion of International Women's Day (March 8), we chatted with Angelique Lazarus, biologist and field Project Manager of the Sociable Weaver Project. 

Who are these birds which build gigantesque nests in Acacia trees? How do women navigate sciences knowing they are still a predominantly male space? What does France bring to research partnerships with South Africa?


We met with Angelique Lazarus, passionate biologist and skilled disseminator, on the field in Kimberley, in Benfontein Nature Reserve. 

From the Social Weaver Project that she is working on with our researchers Claire Doutrelant and Pietro D'amelio (CNRS - CEFE), to her advice to women in science and her thoughts on the French-South African research cooperation, Angelique answers our questions, thereby contributing to the democratization of scientific research.


A video created by IRD-CNRS-Cirad joint office in Southern Africa.