Updated 03/08/23

The IRD representation in Vietnam is located in Hanoi, and hosts the direction, accounting staff and the management of some key projects. Acting mainly in support of projects and assigned researchers, it also plays an important role in communication and interdisciplinary scientific animation, by organizing events such as general meetings or SSAC


Please contact for any information, including information on the partnership schemes offered by IRD.




  • DOUNIAS Edmond
    Edmond Dounias


    Representative of IRD in Vietnam and the Philippines

    Edmond Dounias is an ethnobiologist at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) and is a Senior Research Associate to the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). Using his fieldwork experience in the rainforests of Congo Basin, Sumatra and Borneo, he explores the resilience of the food systems of present-day hunter-gatherers to global change. He is a core member of the Global Hub on Indigenous Food systems. He also coordinates an international research group dedicated to the co-construction of research combining academic and indigenous expertise, and he is the cofounder of a research and advocacy group dedicated to education issues among present-day hunter-gatherers.

    Tel : +84 948 55 10 26

    Mail :


  • NGUYEN Thi Tham
    Nguyen Thi Tham



    Executive secretary

    Tel : +8424 37 34 66 56

    Mail :

  • NGUYEN Cong Thanh
    Thanh portrait

    Scientific Cooperation Officer

    Tel: +84 976 121 358


  • NGUYEN Phuong Anh
    Nguyen Phuong Anh


    Communication officer

    Tel : +8424 37 34 66 56

    Mail :

  • NGUYEN Van Quan
    Nguyen Van Quan


    Driver and photographer

    Tel : +84 912 13 86 69

    Mail :



Representative office of IRD in Vietnam

Apartment 103, Building 2G

Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound

298 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh

Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel : +84 24 37 34 66 56


  • 3rd meeting of the Scientific and Strategic Advisory Committee (SSAC) of IRD in Vietnam: “Towards research-based solutions for resilient and sustainable food systems in Vietnam” (27/05/2023)

    The 3rd SSAC of IRD held in Hanoi on Thursday 27th April 2023, was an opportunity to reflect with IRD's main partners on the multiple issues  economic, political, cultural, environmental which is prioritized in IRD's research actions for a healthy and sustainably produced food. The meeting considered all the drivers acting on the food system (climate change; globalization and trade; income; distribution; urbanization; demographics; migration; governance and policy choices; socio-cultural context), the food environment (availability ; accessibility; properties; communication and marketing), individual consumer factors (according to their economic, geographical and behavioral situations) and the issues at stake in the area under consideration (environmental impact; food insecurity; child nutrition; food intake; nutritional status; associated non-communicable diseases). It gathered 44 participants on site and online, representing 26 Vietnamese, French and international organizations.

    3e session CPSS


  • Strategic and Scientific Advisory Committee (20-21/10/2020)

    The second edition of the IRD Vietnam’s Strategic and Scientific Advisory Committee (SSAC) was organized on October 20-21, 2020 at the ICISE Center, Quy Nhon. It brought together 40 participants in person and 25 others online, representing 24 Vietnamese, French and international organizations and showing the diversity of partners whom IRD has been working with for 25 years: scientific partners, civil society, economic world, institutional actors, etc.. Following cross presentations to break the ice between the guests, IRD's general scientific strategy was detailed, with the contribution of representatives from IRD’s governance present online. The regional roadmap and the activities carried out in Vietnam were also introduced. Group work on the definition of IRD Vietnam’s research priorities was at the heart of the event. From the participants' point of view, the institute needs to strengthen its positioning on the definition of priorities for an applied research towards sustainable development and capacity building. The group work highlighted a strong consensus on the research themes to focus on, namely food security and ecosystems’ sustainability in a context of strong anthropogenic pressures. Finally, to simplify exchanges within its network, IRD Vietnam will set up a newsletter, facilitate access to its resources and organize Scientific Cafés in different cities (always with the option of joining online).  

    Report of the SSAC

  • General Assembly (19/10/2020)
    AG EN

    Ahead of its Strategic and Scientific Advisory Committee (SSAC), IRD Vietnam organized its General Assembly on 19th October 2020 at the ICISE Center in Quy Nhon. The event brought together the permanent and temporary staff of the representation, as well as all the researchers present in Vietnam and some remotely connected from France. This gathering was an opportunity to take stock of the achievements of the years 2019 and 2020 in terms of projects, scientific events, training, and communication. Three key moments fed the SSAC’s discussions, over the two following days: (1) a group reflection on the strategies to adopt in order to mitigate the environmental impact of research; (2) an online exchange with Corinne Brunon-Meunier, IRD Deputy Director General (3) a presentation of the different activities held in Vietnam. By general request, a training session on how to implement sustainable research will soon be set up, in relation with IRD’s headquarters and open to some of its key partners in Vietnam. Researchers also insisted on the need for a continuous research with their partners, which would imply more flexibility in terms of expatriation.

  • General Assembly (15/10/2019)
    AG 2019


    In 2019, the General Assembly of IRD in Vietnam took place on October 15 in Hanoi with the presence of 29 people (researchers on assignment and on mission, VIA and staff of the representation).

    During the meeting, after the presentation of representation services, the participants were able to present their Interdisciplinary structuring projects and share experiences each other (the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources, the research data warehouse on DataSuds...).


  • General Assembly (06-07/12/2018)
    AG 2018


    The General Assembly of IRD in Vietnam took place from 06 to 07 December 2018 in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh, Vietnam with the participation of 30 people (researchers on assignment and in LMD, VIA and Vietnamese partners).

  • Strategic and Scientific Advisory Committee (08/05/2018)
    CPSS Representation


    The first session of the CPSS (Scientific and Strategic Steering Committee of IRD in Vietnam) took place on May 8, 2018 at ICISE Center, Quy Nhon with the participation of 28 French and Vietnamese researchers, coming from IRD and partner institutions. The purpose of this committee is to advise the representation in the definition of its scientific policy and in the improvement of its partnership instruments. After an introduction to IRD's activities in Vietnam and a session devoted to the mutual presentations of the participants, a group work allowed to highlight a set of shared scientific priorities, which will be formalized in research proposals for the next CPSS scheduled for the fall in Hanoi. The one-day meeting concluded with the inauguration of the exhibition "Plastic Matters: Wild Lives" in the presence of the IRD Director General, Ms Elisabeth Barbier, and the French Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr Bertrand Lortholary.

    Report of the CPSS

  • General Assembly (30/11-01/12/2017)
    AG 2017

    The General Assembly of IRD in Vietnam took place from November 30 to December 1, 2017 in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

    29 participants, including assignment and MLD researchers, VIAs in North and South Vietnam, and local staff met for the first time to discuss together the orientations of the representation in terms of scientific animation and to present the different partnership instruments in activity in Vietnam (LMI, UMI and JPOI). 


    • To get to know each other better, to meet, to exchange, to present the different projects in progress.
    • To understand the role of representation: as a support for research activity, the role of representation evolves from simple support to scientific animation, scientific policy, etc.
    • Defining a framework together
    • Developing a draft science policy in Vietnam and Southeast Asia
    • Asking others for information
    • Formulate and discuss suggestions for improvement