Updated 03/03/23

If the assignment of French researchers to their Vietnamese partners is still the main way for the IRD to support the creation of sustainable networks, the institute also proposes complementary mechanisms, both individual and collective.


From an individual point of view, mobility grants allow Vietnamese researchers to benefit from long stays in France to build or consolidate their own networks. From a collective point of view, the IRD supports the organization of events, in Vietnam, allowing a strong interaction and networking of Vietnamese and international researchers. Since 2017, the IRN (GDRI-Sud) program also supports these scientific networks on a regional or international scale. Finally, since 2019, an additional mechanism, called PSF Sud, offers recurrent support for the organization of summer schools or training courses that also allow the creation of sustainable scientific networks. 



  • PSF-Sud ASIAME (2020-2022)

    ASIAME (South-East ASIa School of Aquatic Microbial Ecology) themed schools aim to provide young ecologists in South-East Asia with a thorough education in both the theoretical and the methodological aspects of aquatic microbial ecology (cultures, taxonomy, physiology, metabolism and genomics). They also aim to allow the regional scientific community to network in order to encourage interactions and the emergence of research collaborations between countries in South and South-East Asia.

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  • PSF-Sud HGP-MEKONG (2020-2022)

    The problems associated with underground water in South Cambodia and Vietnam, which share the Mekong Delta region, are linked to the integrated strategy for managing water resources in rural and urban areas.

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Summer schools and training sessions

  • Regional Social Sciences Summer University, Tam Dao Days
    Les Journées de Tam Dao 2017


    Each year since 2007, the "Tam Đảo School in Social Sciences” (JTD) has been offering training in analytical methodologies of the social sciences  – geography, economics, statistics, socio-anthropology, history, etc. – to nearly 100 participants from Southeast Asia (students, university lecturers, researchers, civil servants, development practitioners). The training takes place both at the Việt Nam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS in Hà Nội) and in residence at the Tam Đảo hill station close to the capital, or in another university in Central or South Việt Nam.


  • CBID - Computional Biology For Infectious Diseases
    CBID in Quy Nhon 2017


    The CBID summer school is designed to provide students, researchers and professionals working on infectious diseases with basic concepts and hands-on experience in quantitative analyses of high throughput data. It targets people coming from the health sciences and wishing to acquire skills in quantitative analyzes or people coming from the modeling sciences and wishing to develop applications in health. 

  • Formation COMPOSE

    Formation COMPOSE

Researchers who have benefited from a BEST or mobility grant

  • HO Bich Hai

    Organisme : Institut of Information Technology (VAST)

    Sujet : Metagenomic approach to characterization of human intestinal microbiome and clinical medicine translation.

    Coordinateur IRD : Jean-Daniel Zucker

    Durée : 2 séjours de 6 mois (à partir de février 2015)

  • NGUYEN Thanh Nho

    Organisme : University of Science (VNU)

    Sujet: Arsenic distribution and speciation in the mangrove sediments of the Mekong delta (Vietnam).

    Coordinateur IRD : Cyril Marchand

    Durée : 3 séjours de 3 mois (à partir de février 2015)

  • NGO Quoc Anh

    Organisme : Institut de Chimie (VAST)

    Sujet : Training period on the use of chemical analyses to understand organic matter dynamics in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, UMR 211 BIOEMCO

    Coordinateur IRD : Emma Rochelle-Newall

    Durée : 01/06-30/06/2011 (1 mois)

  • TRINH Anh Duc

    Organisme : Institut de Chimie (VAST)

    Sujet : Training period on the environnemental applications of oxygen micro-electrodes, UMR 238 ECOSYM

    Coordinateur IRD : Didier Orange

    Durée : 01/06-30/06/2011 (1 mois)

  • DUONG Thanh Nghi

    Organisme : Institut de l'Environnement et des Ressources Marines de Hai Phong (IMER/VAST)

    Sujet : Organotin compounds in the Bach Dang estuary system : a seasonal comparison, UMR 238 ECOSYM

    Coordinateur IRD : Emma Rochelle-Newall

    Durée : 01/03-30/06/2011 (3 mois), Montpellier

  • LUU Bich Ngoc

    Organisme : Institut de Recherche Population et Sociétés (IPSS)

    Sujet : La famille vietnamienne face au VIH/Sida, UMR 151 LPED

    Coordinateur IRD : Myriam de Loenzien

    Durée : 01/05-36/06/2010 (2 mois), Paris Ouest Nanterre

  • TA Hoang Anh

    Organisme : Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI, VAAS)

    Sujet : Emergent rice viruses in Vietnam, UMR 186 RPB 

    Coordinateur IRD : Eugénie Hébrard

    Durée : 12 mois, 2 mois (2009) ; 3 mois (2010) ; 3 mois (2011) ; 4 mois (2012)

  • CHU Van Thuoc

    Organisme : Institut de l'Environnement et des Ressources Marines de Hai Phong (IMER/VAST)

    Sujet : Taxonomie du phytoplancton, ecologie algale (efflorescences toxiques), isolement et cultures de phytoplancton, UR 103 CAMELIA

    Coordinateur IRD : Jean-Pascal Torréton

    Durée : 3 mois en 2008-2009, Montpellier, ECOLAG