Updated 09/12/22

Training is an integral part of IRD's missions to its partners and, more generally, to Vietnam. If part of it is given during summer schools or project-specific training sessions, the majority is nevertheless carried out in the more conventional form of lectures for Bachelor, Master or PhD students in partner universities or supervised internships (Bachelor or Master) and PhD theses.

IRD also offers a support for doctoral students (ARTS scholarships) which allows them to finance all or part of their thesis.


  • INOWASIA Erasmus+ project for Water-Oriented Jobs in Southeast Asia (2021-2024)


    INOWASIA creates a pluridisciplinary water-oriented education program bringing together water science, soil science, biological science and eco-engineering. INOWASIA aims to develop free on-line basic and advanced water courses, implemented in the existing master’s degrees and PhD programs of Higher Education Institutions from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. INOWASIA brings a new way of education in the SEA universities through the promotion of PBL (Problem based Learning) and WOLL (Water Oriented Living Lab). INOWASIA trains students and teachers, and promotes the implementation of innovative hybrid methods, combining on-line formation with problem-based learning, a student-centred educational methodology that promotes the development of personal abilities and skills.

    INOWASIA aims to foster entrepreneur and business culture among the students and future young water professionals through field trips, short visits to success cases among local initiatives, and long stay internships in water companies and administrations. At last, INOWASIA promotes an international multilevel network of students, academics, professionals, and stakeholders in the field of water resources to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration to find new and creative solutions to water challenges, through the Academic and Professional Committee (APC).

    INOWASIA is an ERASMUS+ project funded for 4 years (2021-2024) and co-managed by the University of Girona (Spain), the Fundation for Science of the University of Barcelona (Spain), the University of Toulouse (France) and the IRD (France). 

    Six SEA universities participate:

    In Vietnam:

    • Hanoi University of Science (HUS)
    • Can Tho University (CTU)

    In Laos:

    • National University of Laos (NUOL)
    • Souphanouvong University (SU)

    In Cambodia:

    • Institut de Technologie du Cambodge (ITC)
    • National University of Battambang (NUBB)

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Doctoral Thesis scholarships

  • HOANG Thai Anh (2020-2023)

    Suject : Modelling of Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and CH4) from the Nam Theun 2 subtropical reservoir. 

    Supervisers : Prof. Dominique Serca (Laboratoire d'Aerologie - Toulouse, France) and Dr. Frederic Guerin (Geosciences Environnement Toulouse - Toulouse, France).

    Duration : 36 months

  • TRUONG Quoc Thanh (2020-2023)

    Sujet : Evaluation of shallow aquifer resources and vulnerabilities using geophysical electrical methods in the South of Vietnam.

    Encadrant : DESCLOITRES Marc, IGE

    Durée : 36 mois

  • LE Ha Duc (2019-2020)

    Sujet : Optimisation et apprentissage en temps réel pour la collecte de déchet urbain.

    Encadrant : DURR Christophe, UMMISCO

    Durée : 12 mois

  • LE Minh Phuong (2019-2021)

    Sujet : Allocation du capital, contraintes de crédit et liens politiques au Vietnam.

    Encadrant : MAROUANI Mohamed Ali, DEVSOC

    Durée : 36 mois

  • NGUYEN Duy Tung (2019-2021)

    Sujet : Modélisation     hydrodynamique     d'ensemble     du     continuum     delta     de     la     Rivière     Rouge    -     océan     dans     le     Golfe     du     Tonkin.

    Encadrant : DE MEY Pierre, LEGOS

    Durée : 19 mois

  • VUONG Van Bui (2019-2022)

    Sujet : Historical deposition flux of Black Carbon and co-pollutants in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

    Encadrant : MARI Xavier, MIO

    Durée : 36 mois


  • PHAM Quang Van (2019-2021)

    Sujet : Elaboration of a functional classification to better estimate the role of earthworms on water transfer in soils.

    Encadrant : BOTTINELLI Nicolas, iEES-Paris

    Durée : 36 mois

  • VO Thi To Nhu (2019-2022)

    Sujet : Predicting the effects of earthworms on soil water transfers.

    Encadrant : BOTTINELLI Nicolas, iEES-Paris

    Durée : 36 mois

  • TO Duy Thai (2018-2021)

    Sujet : The South Vietnam upwelling: how do planktonic ecosystems respnd to physical oceanic and atmospheric forcing.

    Encadrant : HERRMANN Marine, LEGOS

    Durée : 18 mois

  • NGUYEN Minh Phuong (2018-2020)

    Sujet : Dynamique des clusters de villages de métier du recyclage dans le contexte de métropolisation de Hanoi. Le cas de Phong Khe, Dai Bai (Bac Ninh) et Minh Khai (Hung Yen) ( Comment les échets urbains font(re)vivre les village de métier).

    Encadrant : Sylvie Fanchette, CESSMA

    Durée : 36 mois

  • LE Thi Huong (2015-2018)

    Sujet : Impact of land use change on aquatic bacterial diversity and functioning.

    Encadrant : Emma ROCHELLE-NEWALL, iEES-Paris

    Durée : 36 mois


  • NGUYEN Dac Da (2015-2018)

    Sujet : Hydrodynamical and biological functioning and variability of the Nha Trang upwelling : an integrated approach.

    Encadrant : HERRMANN Marine, LEGOS

    Durée : 36 mois



  • NGUYEN Le Khanh (2015-2018)

    Sujet : Functional characterization of QTLs controlling root development detected by association mapping in a population of rice Vietnamese varieties. 

    Encadrant : GANTET Pascal, DIADE

    Durée : 36 mois

  • DUONG Hai Thuan (2015-2018)

    Sujet : Observationand modeling of typhoon-driven hydro-morphodynaics in NhaTrang Bay, Vietnam.

    Encadrant : MARCHESIELLO  Patrick, LEGOS.

    Durée : 36 mois


  • TRUONG Van Vinh (2015-2018)

    Sujet : Ability of mangroves to fix atmospheric greenhouse gaz.

    Encadrant : MARCHAND Cyril, IMPMC

    Durée : 36 mois