The AfriMAQUA research network organises a webinar on marine aquaculture in Tanzania, Namibia and Kenya. Join the event online!

Towards sustainable marine aquaculture in Africa: the cases of Kenya, Tanzania, and Namibia

The average fish consumption per person is expected to increase everywhere in the world by 2030, but not in Africa. The population of the continent is growing faster than the production of fish is.

Africa bets on aquaculture to meet its growing seafood demand. Aquaculture production has significantly increased over the last decades, mostly via freshwater and brackish water aquaculture. Nonetheless, it currently has the second-lowest marine aquaculture production per continent in the world. Why and what are the solutions?

The research network AfriMAQUA, funded by the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), was established in 2019 to bring together researchers in the field of marine aquaculture from Western Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast), Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia), Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Mauritius), and France to facilitate scientific cooperation for the development of sustainable marine aquaculture in the continent.


In this webinar, scientists will come together to showcase the development of marine aquaculture its challenges and its future trends, in Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia.

Join the webinar and discuss with Jean-Pascal Torréton (IRD Representative in Southern Africa), David Mirera (Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute), Samwel Limbu (University of Dar es Salaam), Martin Tjipute (University of Namibia), and Maria Darias (IRD).


Join the webinar on 5 May, at 14h00 Central Africa Time (GMT+2) to learn more!