A workshop dedicated to the study of extractive chemistry techniques was held at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Vientiane with the support of the AUF, the SEP2D programme and the cabinet of the Academy of Sciences and Technology of Laos. 


It brought together about fifteen teacher-researchers and students and took place over three days. The goal for the attendees was to: 

  • To understand the method on extraction techniques and find out the appropriate method for extraction.
  • To exchange of technical knowledge on extraction techniques between 3 institutes
  • To learn about the method validation of the extraction techniques

In addition to training, it allowed collaborative projects to emerge between the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Health Sciences, the cabinet of the Academy of Sciences and Technology of Laos, the Ministry of Education and Sports and the National University of Laos.

On this occasion, MOOCs have been produced both on theoretical lessons and on practical work. These audio-visual documents will be made available free of charge to the AUF member universities.

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Les participants présents lors de l'atelier d'extraction