Updated 26/06/20

The JEAI programme aims to encourage and reinforce research teams from Southern countries through partnerships with IRD scientific research units.


A JEAI is comprised of at least three Southern researchers, based in a Southern country, associated with an IRD research unit and working on a research theme focusing on a major current social, health-related or environmental issue in a conducive institutional environment.

The objective: to help a group of Southern researchers to form a team by working together on a research and education project. Working closely with an IRD research unit, the project must be a catalyst for the JEAI in question to become a strong and recognised team in its field. The partnership aims to facilitate the integration of young teams into national and international scientific networks.

  • What is a JEAI ?

    A JEAI is a research team:

    • composed of at least three Southern researchers;
    • located in a Southern country;
    • associated with an IRD research unit;
    • working on a research theme linked to current major social, health-related or environmental issues;
    • in a conducive institutional environment.

    A JEAI can be a newly created team or an existing team aspiring to develop further. The concept of “young team” refers to how long the team has been in existence, and not the age of its members. However, researchers beginning their careers are encouraged to participate.

  • Keys to success

    The following points are essential for the development of a team:

    • A balanced partnership between the JEAI and the IRD research unit, based complementarity and mutual support.
    • The JEAI leader’s capacity to coordinate a team.
    • Strong support and involvement from JEAI partner institutions.


  • Key steps
    • Call for proposals launched annually;
    • Selection of projects by IRD scientific bodies; 
    • Scientific evaluation of projects midterm.
  • Support

    IRD funds a JEAI for a maximum of €50,000 over 3 years. Funding depends on the project’s needs, the number of researchers involved, the time spent on the project and the pressure of the request. Funding is paid to the financial officer appointed by the team (team leader’s institution or IRD representative body in the country concerned).

    In addition to financial support, JEAIs enjoy support from a comprehensive network to boost their development:

    • Scientific support from an IRD research team including coordinated supervision of students, publications, joint project development and scientific activity;
    • Education-exchange in the form of workshops;
    • Tools for JEAI networking;
    • Leverage by virtue of the recognition of teams with JEAI status.
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